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10W SMA RF Termination Load Terminator Dummy load 3GHz 6GHz 8Ghz 12GHz 18GHz 50ohm

Frequency 6GHz and up to 18GHz optional
SMA,N,BNC,4.3-10 connector optional
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Professional Factory service on Coaxial Attenuator,Termination load,power range from 1-2000W with frequency up to 67GHz

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As the connector support SMA/N/BNC/TNC/DIN/4.3-10 optional

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Dummy Load is a device used to simulate an electrical load during testing. In an RF System a dummy load is used to simulate an antenna. By using a dummy load instead of an actual antenna, the transceiver can be tested and configured without radiating radio waves.

10W SMA Termination Load 6GHz 50ohm
Norminal Impendance50ohm
Frequency rangeDC-6GHz(up to 26.5GHz optional)


Power rating10W
Temperature range-55℃ to 125℃

10W SMA RF dummy load termination 3GHz 6GHz 8Ghz 12GHz 18GHz 26.5GHz 50ohm